Our History…

What was once the dream of one man has evolved, thru new ownership, into a passionate, dedicated, talented crew of automotive enthusiasts, mechanical wizards, thoughtful fabricators, imaginative builders and painters capable of Concourse level finishes.

With new blood comes fresh ideas and a level of commitment to the customer that may be a disruption to the status quo. The highest quality work, accountability to the customer, attention to detail and open communication is the way our team does business.

And speaking of our team… Although the original owner has moved on to other pursuits, the core group of talented employees has embraced the new ownership and accepted the challenge of being a part of something new and exciting. We are in growth mode and your business and absolute excitement with the product we produce is critical to the company’s success …

The level of difficulty involved in custom car creation is more than a one man undertaking. Skill sets necessary for this type of work are better suited to specialists rather than generalists similar to the medical profession. Our gifted team members are performers in a one of a kind automotive symphony carefully directed by an inspirational shop manager who although new to our company brings decades of hot rod and custom car building experience to the garage. At Godspeed Rides, Inc… We are not a solo act.

Visit our 12,000 square foot facility. Bring your dreams or even bring your nightmares. Let us orchestrate a plan to create a one of a kind automotive status symbol for you